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About us

Here we go again!

Struggling to get some of your attention, competing against those big brands and corporations.

We’re still resisting… (please don’t laugh).

But, we believe that what really matters is not just getting your attention but creating a connection or a bond with you- Something that is not asked for but EARNED.

This is what Lyndon specializes in; such a feeling happens suddenly with something or someone!

So what exactly is Lyndon’s focus?

We focus on connecting, changing the reality of ourselves and others a little bit, perhaps for something more beautiful and meaningful that can make a significant impact.

But what really makes us different?

Our way of living is joyful, which has helped us pay attention to what really matters.

According to our founders, Alonso, Fernando, and Pato, it is always essential to living light in body and soul. Like the entire Lyndon team, I faithfully follow the belief of our founders, and that’s why I’ve gotten rid of all the old Disney memorabilia from my childhood. (What a shame!)

As you can see, we are a young, modern team with minimalist aspirations. I hope we don’t go so overboard that we end up walking down the street in our underwear.

We want to clarify that you are always welcome here; this is your home, your Lyndon family.

(I’m almost crying)

I hope you enjoy it as much as we do; it was created with great love for you and our best friends (the dogs).

Best wishes
(Part-time editor)