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Who Saved Whom?

By Alonso, Co-Founder

Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of having a dog. I remember playing with a stuffed dog I had, imagining it was real, and I started to love it. Nobody taught me; I just felt it.

My father was reluctant to buy me a Dalmatian from our neighbors. I made several attempts, but I could never convince him to do it. But, then my aunt Alina had a litter of cocker spaniels and gave me Max (at least poor Max was not going to cost a penny), so my father accepted him, but with multiple conditions.

Max changed my life completely; he became my best friend for 13 years and taught me the importance of patience and unconditional love until one sad day, he passed away. With him, a part of me died too.

I miss him every day (please don’t tell anyone). I had a unique and happy childhood because of him.

The pain of losing Max was so profound that I vowed never to get a dog to avoid going through the unbearable pain of losing again. But life takes strange turns and surprises us, so it happened to me. One day I came across Key, a beautiful but nervous German Shepherd abandoned outside Prot. In this factory, we made Lyndon’s leather goods, and I couldn’t help but make him part of my family. 

Adopting Key was one of my better decisions; he taught me about the unconditional loyalty and boundless appreciation a dog can provide. There are days when I even ask Key to stop thanking me for adopting him; it’s a debt that is already paid. I hope one day to live up to all his love and loyalty. 

Lyndon comes from our hearts and soul and is on a mission to help this cause and solve a big problem in Mexico. Over time we have been able to adopt Remi, Lucho, Bowie, Emma, and Palomo. But we are sure that more help is needed. 

With your support, we can make this goal a reality and impact more dogs and humans!

Let’s do something unique, and we will receive something special, unconditional love, in return.
We assure you that we can transform the lives of many humans and dogs.


Lucho is the best. He was adopted in 2019 in Sierra de Lobos, (the green mountains in Leon, Mexico).

Lucho could easily be the leader of a dangerous dog gang.

We have seriously spoken to him about it and now he has taken the good path of life. Until now, he dedicated his life to making his mom July happy.


Bowie was adopted in 2016 in the streets of Leon, Mexico.

Bowie is a little rebel without a cause, someone who runs after and barks at his imaginary enemies. However, we can’t forget about his patience, he always makes the right cute face to kindly ask for his food.

He is a little chubby, we will take care of his diet a little better since he is a big eater. Thanks Bowie!


Maya is a princess, believe me when I tell you she really is. She is not adopted like the rest, but is someone who had to help us out in educating the rest of our adopted furry family.

She is super sweet, gives so much love that gives soul to the body. We gotta accept it, she is extremely selective with her friends and she is still not very happy with the idea that Bowie lives in her house. We love you Maya!


Remi knocked on our factory door in 2019 (I’m pretty sure he found out about Key’s story). We found him helpless and malnourished, but now he has a big belly.

Remi is a character from Disney who doesn’t stop smiling and playing. He has the gift of making our lives easier and better every day. Thanks Remi! We love you!


Key was adopted in november 2017. He is the crybaby of the pack. But don’t get mistaken, he is brave like no one and we’ll always take care of Maya (even though she always takes his ball away).

Without doubt Key is the one who always welcomed you, we love you Key, thanks for all your company and loyalty.


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