Best bags for weekend trips.

Best bags for weekend trips.

We all wish we could have more vacations but our adulthood responsibilities do not allow us to indulge in lots of vacation time. Thankfully, we can make the most out of the weekends with long weekend trips. There is no better feeling than escaping everyday life to enjoy a quick 2-3 day getaway. That's why the weekender bag exists!

What is a weekend bag?


leather duffles bags for weekens trips

It's your best companion for those relaxing or not-so-relaxing outings when it comes to work but still counts as a getaway. The best weekend bag is one spacious enough for your belongings, lightweight, durable and practical.  

Introducing the leather weekend bag by Lyndon, your best option to enjoy your weekends.

Rock Your Weekend Getaway With A Leather Duffle


leather weekender bag

This one is the best weekend bag, it's not as big as a carry-all but is big enough to fit everything you may need for a weekend trip. Our leather duffle has a trapezoidal shape which allows you to carry it by the shoulders without complications. with its super soft interior and that leather smell that we all love, take it everywhere with the assurance that it will last you forever thanks to its lifetime warranty. Go on your trips in the lightest way possible with Lyndon.


Try An MJ Gym Duffle For Day Trips or Trips to the Gym


leather gym duffle

Another smaller leather weekend duffle bag option is our MJ gym duffle which perfectly fits a pair of shoes, a change of clothes, and a computer, making it a great option for last minute quick trips. Utilize it as an overnight bag or make it a stylish gym bag!

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