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Welcome to our Leather Accessories Collection, where you’ll find a stunning selection of handcrafted leather goods, including belly bags, caps, wallets, briefcases, and portfolios!

So whether you’re looking for a stylish belly bag for a day out, a sleek cap to add some edge to your outfit, a durable briefcase for work, or a sophisticated portfolio to carry your documents, Lyndon’s got you covered.


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Leather WalletLeather Wallet
Leather Wallet Sale price$68.60 Regular price$98.00
Save $43.00
Jungle Leather Wallet
Jungle Leather Wallet Sale price$127.00 Regular price$170.00
Save $43.00
Firefly Blossom Leather Wallet
Firefly Blossom Leather Wallet Sale price$126.00 Regular price$169.00
Save $28.80
Leather Belly BagLeather Belly Bag
Leather Belly Bag Sale price$67.20 Regular price$96.00
Save $31.20
Leather DopkitLeather Dopkit
Leather Dopkit Sale price$72.80 Regular price$104.00
Save $72.60
Leather Briefcase
Leather Briefcase Sale price$169.40 Regular price$242.00
Save $36.00
Leather PortalapLeather Portalap
Leather Portalap Sale price$84.00 Regular price$120.00
Leather Mini DuffleLeather Mini Duffle
Leather Mini Duffle Sale price$156.00
Save $90.90
Leather Duffle BagLeather Duffle Bag
Leather Duffle Bag Sale price$212.10 Regular price$303.00