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The time has come, things are getting back to normal and that means going back to school or college, in either case, a bag is a must, and what better than starting a new chapter in life with new long-lasting accessories to match the occasion. 

 When searching for the ideal bag, we are all looking for versatility, comfort, style, or simply being able to look effortlessly good with a leather bag to show off a more elevated look.

Having a leather school backpack is the ideal thing to have for daily use, we know how important it is to find the right one and having so many options to choose from such as open-top leather bags, leather cross-body bags, and leather school backpacks; making a choice can be overwhelming, that's why here below we leave you our recommendations so you don't have to worry anymore. With our guide, having a leather backpack for college has never been so easy!


13"Leather Backpack



If simplicity is your thing, why not take your look one step further with this leather backpack, which is the perfect combination of casual and professional. Its front pocket allows you to put essential items for easy access, such as your cell phone, wallet, or pens. It also has an inner pocket that allows you to stay organized, plus it's super light on your back.  Fall in love with its 6 different colors!


Leather Tote



If you prefer to go for a leather book bag for college with our carry-all tote you'll be able to store your textbooks, laptop, water bottle, and even that occasional umbrella. Surely you will be carrying a lot of stuff to class and with our sophisticated, reliable, and functional leather tote you'll be carrying it all with style. It's best to have lots of colors so you can easily match it with whatever you're wearing, and this option comes in 6 unique colors for you to try them all. You will love your leather tote so much, you’ll want to have one in every color.


Leather mini backpack



Forget about back pain with this minimalist backpack, its ergonomic handles on the top will allow you to have a better grip and will turn this backpack into your perfect leather school bag. Don't be fooled by its size, this backpack is made to carry the essentials and it offers a quick access that will help you keep your things easily accessible and organized. In addition to its size, its rectangular design and its amazing camouflage print leather will make this backpack your best choice. 


Gym leather duffle



If you go to the gym after work or school, it can be very tiring and uncomfortable to carry a bunch of bags throughout the day. The solution to all your problems starts with this gym leather duffle that easily fits a 16” laptop, your supplies, your tennis shoes, and your clothes. Its fun camouflage print is a must for any outfit, plus, the fact that it is made of leather ensures that it will always look good. Forget about carrying a lot of bags with this leather gym duffle, your day will become easier.


Leather mini tote



Complement your look with this leather mini tote, perfect for your lunch or snack. Say goodbye to the typical lunch boxes and start using this mini tote for school or work, with its combinable bourbon color. You will see how easy it is to carry it with its small handles, it also has an adjustable and removable handle so you can turn it into a crossbody. The best part is that it's not just your typical leather tote bag for school because you can also use it for your daily life!

A Leather Bag For Every Occasion

 We have an array of different leather bag styles to choose from. We welcome you to browse our inventory and shop for the leather bag that best suits your daily needs.


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