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Lyndon's story is about the passion of our founders.

After serving challenging clients in the fashion industry from different parts of the world, they decide to play their own game, LYNDON.

Lyndon could be a great opportunity to try your best and seek freedom.

Taking inspiration from The Blue Ocean Strategy book, they decide to make simple and great products. After a thousand talks to find the "how", their main point was to have fun!

LYNDON was born in a service room in Pato's house (20 m2), and the first MVPs (minimum viable products) were made in the workshop that Alonso had founded two years earlier.

The FFFs were very important in validating the hypothesis, so they gave away 50 products to test people's reactions and they noticed that the FFFs love the product!

They make full grain leather products because they learned by serving great customers, taking on responsibilities, experiencing defeat, understanding and always improving.

LYNDON is the synthesis of 3 years of that learning.


In the end, they just wanted to change the game, win! ... in their own way.

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