Believing we can be winners

Believing we can be winners

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Connecting, learning and growing

After years of hard work, continuous learning, and sharing the love for a good leather product, two of our founders: Pato and Alonso decided to take a step forward and start building their own leather goods brand. They sought to develop an accessible leather product that could withstand the pace of daily life and its ongoing challenges, without it suffering deformities and without losing its style. It is precisely under these premises that they began to work on the foundation of "Lyndon".

Lyndon is so much more than just a brand, it's a whole new perspective. We believe that in order to win in life we must forge our own path, follow our desires, and start playing by our own rules. We must first believe we can be winners, to become one, and our bags are the boost you need to be able to express who you are, cause life is yours for the making.



The idea

Taking inspiration from Renée Mauborgne and W. Chan Kim's book "The Blue Ocean Strategy," they decided to make amazing products for extraordinary people. They also concluded that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, so they determined that their products would be simple but stylish. And after thousands of hours spent researching and selecting designs, they finally came up with the perfect ones.

First steps

The idea of creating Lyndon was born in a small utility room in Pato's house, and the first bags were made in the workshop that Alonso had founded two years earlier, but even from the beginning, our founders had 4 very clear pillars that they seek to maintain even now that their company has grown: 

  • Maintain simplicity both in their designs and in their processes to achieve perfection.
  • Caring for their community and team, as well as the world we all live in.
  •  Love and enjoy the process.
  • Never give up, and always give their best to keep their customers satisfied.


With the final product in their hands, they decided to go one step further and begin to seek acceptance for their product within such a competitive market. They did so by giving away the first 50 bags to those they knew would be their toughest judges: their family and friends, this would help them measure consumer reactions, functionality, and durability of the bags.



Keep going

Having had such a high acceptance for their bags, Lyndon finally established itself as a company with real potential for growth and impact. All of this was thanks to the experience the founders gained from dealing with all types of customers, experiencing defeat, taking responsibility, and always seizing opportunities to improve.


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