The Best Leather Travel Bags

The Best Leather Travel Bags

You may be wondering why you should choose a leather travel bag; the answer is simple: they are classy, versatile and made to last. When traveling you require something durable with enough space to store everything you need, that also enhances your personality and style. The is why the best travel bags are the leather ones. The full grain leather in our bags keeps your belongings protected and develops a unique patina over time making them look even better.

Lyndon's leather travel bags are very versatile and can accompany you anywhere including business trips, vacations, or weekend trips. Feel comfortable traveling with the highest quality leather bags, knowing that you'll always be safe with your long-term, reliable travel companion.

Let's start with our top picks for the best leather travel bag your money can buy!

Leather Duffle


If you are looking to travel without having to check-in at the airport, our leather duffle is the best leather carry-on luggage you can find. This duffle embodies the phrase "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". It has a trapezoidal design, leather exterior, and a soft suede interior to keep your items organized and protected, as well as two long handles so you can carry it both as a shoulder bag or as a handbag and easily move around.  This practical leather duffle can fit 1-3 pairs of shoes, 4 or more changes of clothes, and your toiletry bag.  You can find it in 6 different colors to match your look.


Leather Gym Duffle

leather travel bag

This compact but spacious leather travel duffle bag is ideal if you are traveling light and is perfect for a weekend getaway. You can fit 1 pair of shoes, 2 changes of clothes, along with other belongings. With its rectangular shape at the bottom, tapering upwards into a rounded top, this shape makes packing easier and it's super comfortable to carry as well, plus its sleeves are nicely stitched to withstand the weight of whatever it is you're carrying.


13"Leather Backpack

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This leather backpack is timeless in form and rich in function. It allows you to enjoy the moment by keeping your hands free while at the same time, you can be at ease knowing that all your necessary belongings are unharmed on your back. It is lightweight and durable, which makes it perfect for sightseeing.  Dare to discover the world with this backpack that will turn into your best leather weekend bag.


Leather Toiletry Bag

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To keep your items organized inside your leather travel bag or suitcase, this toiletry bag is your best option.  In it you can put your shower items, perfumes, or whatever you want to keep guarded always at hand, and thus when unpacking, you will have everything located.


 Leather Fanny Pack

best leather weekend bag

When traveling, you should have all your IDs, money, and cell phone at hand. With this fanny pack, say goodbye to pickpockets, your most valuable things will be safe wherever you go. You can play with the way you wear it, but what is certain is that this fanny pack will add a lot of style to your outfits.



Leather Passport Holder

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It is very important to have your passport secured to avoid loss or accidents. This leather passport holder will keep your id in perfect condition and at the same time, it will make you look very cool while traveling. 

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