Where is your Leather Coming from?

Where is your Leather Coming from?

As you probably already know Lyndon is committed to making the best leather goods from Mexico without having to spend a crazy amount of money for it.

Our full-grain leather bags are designed to accompany you throughout the day but to ensure we design the perfect leather products.

First, we remove everything unnecessary.

 The design process comes from simplicity and minimalism, with only leather and textile we can create a functional, durable and timeless bag.

 First of all, we observe and reflect on its use, and how we will be able to satisfy the needs of our customers on a day-to-day basis; then, it's time to get to work.

 But to achieve that excellent quality we are known for, we have to ally ourselves with people who are as incredible as you, and of course, we pride ourselves for working with the best allies.


Our leather from Mexico

 Our leather comes from the most sustainable tannery in the country, plus it is a by-product of the meat industry.

These guys take clean leather making very seriously and while they use a lot of technology that has become common in the developed world, some of it is unique to their own operation.

 We can proudly say that our leather is clean and this is achieved through various processes which our allied tannery undoubtedly takes very seriously; such as water treatment, the Qualus system, waste reuse, solar energy, and social responsibility.

 We are definitely interested in offering you high-quality leather products, but we are also concerned about helping our planet and being able to enjoy together the thousands of adventures that our great nature has to offer us.

That is why we strive to make our manufacturing processes as non-invasive as possible for our nature.

 By consuming minimalist brands, you support slow fashion, which in our philosophy is more than a trend, we seek to make it a way of thinking and conceiving fashion, in order to achieve a respectful conscience with the environment, workers, and of course with all Lyndoners.


Handmade, step by step.

 We give our body and soul to each Lyndon product, which is why our manufacture is fully elaborated with conscientiousness by Mexican hands in Leon, a Mexican city known for its excellent manufacturing in the fashion and leather industry. Each production line is carefully thought and developed so that all the details are taken care of and the great product that characterizes us is achieved. We place the leather cuts in a way that waste is kept to a minimum and with the leftovers, we design small leather goods, which will not only help you to keep your day-to-day organized but also help to reduce waste.

 Our leather goods are not only made in Mexico but also embody the care and good quality that only leather handbags from Mexico could offer you.

 All of our pieces are created from start to finish under one roof. This helps to oversee quality control, have healthy environments and fair wages for workers, and ensure that your piece is created with care and attention to the smallest detail.

 In addition, we try to source most of our materials locally, so we can reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating long sourcing and importing distances.

 That's why Lyndon is not just another leather bag brand, we're trying to impact the world with the idea that living simply and cleanly not only makes you feel good, it makes the world feel good. When you choose to wear Lyndon, know that we're here to encourage you to be your best self. And always remember, less is more.


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